Open executive Job in Academic & University Dean at College of International Studies

AUK invites applications for the position of Dean in the College of International Studies. AUK is a newly established private,
not-for-profit institution committed to advancing academic excellence, expanding liberal, professional, and scientific knowledge and
preparing the next generation of leaders for the community. AUK envisions becoming the leading university in the autonomous Kurdistan Region
of Iraq and beyond through implementing pedagogical approaches that impact critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and the lifelong
learning skills required for success in contemporary society and workplaces.

AUK invites applications for this tenure-track
faculty position starting the beginning of January 2018.

Job Title : Dean at College of International Studies
Job Type :
: Full time

Position Summary:
This position reports directly to the Provost.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Possess a Ph.D. degree from a reputable university primarily in international law,
    conflict resolution, political economy, security studies and public policy majors.
  • Native or native level fluency in English.
  • Excellent skills, based on significant experience in teaching and a thorough understanding of the structures and values of an academic
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to high-quality research.
  • Instill a collaborative community and common
    academic vision among the faculty, staff and students within the college and University
  • A goal-driven approach to enhance the
    recognition of the college regionally and internationally
  • Experience with increasing enrollment at a university with a diverse
    student population
  • Experience in a multicultural, diverse and inclusive setting

Key Responsibilities:

We are seeking to appoint a motivated and suitably qualified academic/practitioner with expertise in the field of International
Studies / Law. The successful applicant will join a vibrant team and help shape the development of our educational and professional course
provision in this exciting area. The following are the main responsibilities:

  • Responsible for delivering in a student receptive
    manner the knowledge, skills, and experiences each student needs to successfully achieve course learning outcomes as outlined in the course
  • Create, post, and articulate course learning outcomes or objectives in order to ensure student understanding of course
    learning objectives and expectations.
  • Create course curriculum, course syllabus, course handouts, lectures, labs, presentations,
    and other course materials required to deliver course information in an understandable and interesting manner to ensure students are engaged
    with the course material in order to achieve the course learning outcomes.
  • Promote the visibility, breadth and impact of CIS on the
    community, in collaboration with AUK academic leaders and faculty
  • Enhance the research capacity at CIS by leading research
    initiatives and cultivating research opportunities.
  • Teach minimum 1 maximum 3 courses per each semester (Fall, Spring,
  • Create course rubrics in order to assess each student’s performance related to the course’s learning objective and to
    identify areas for student improvement.
  • Assist students to master course material by being available through “office hours” and at
    other times to answer questions and assist students to better understand the material in one-on-one or small group sessions.
  • Assign
    grades and maintain course/student records in accordance with regulations and submit grades and records by established deadline.
  • Serve on university committees to enhance department and university policies and processes which enhance student academic and career
  • Attend all required university events such as commencement, faculty meetings, etc.
  • Develop and maintain strong
    relationships with the community, professionals, foundations and companies that support institutional growth
  • Keep abreast of
    developments in their field by reading current literature, conducting substantial researches and participating in professional
  • Collaborate with the faculty on a number of interdisciplinary research projects, secure research funding and teach
    undergraduate (and later graduate) courses.
  • Perform other appropriate and reasonable required duties as assigned by the

Application Process:

The Recruitment Committee at AUK will review applications on a
rolling basis and will shortlist qualified candidates. Candidates will be interviewed and the final selection will be made. To assure full
consideration, applications should include:

  • A cover letter
  • A Resume
  • A statement regarding leadership
  • Three reference letters

References will not be contacted without prior authorization from the applicant.
Applications and nominations should be sent electronically with the subject “Founding Dean of International Studies” to Human Resources (

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