Job in Dubai & UAE The Shortcut to a Better You: Studying Abroad

The Shortcut to a Better You: Studying Abroad:

UAE: The great, vast Earth is a place of enormous promise, wonder and potential, so it’s a shame we often get stuck in just a single place, not being able to experience the limitless wonder of it all.

In choosing to study abroad, you are free to explore those places you have always dreamt of. To experience an entirely different way of living and understanding of society and to explore who you are and who you have the potential to become.

People frequently do not realise the opportunity they have until it has been missed, so we are here to urge you: don’t let this opportunity for adventure pass you by.

Do not delay! Institutions from the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Malaysia, Italy, Spain, Georgia, Ireland, Oman and so many more are available to speak to at the Global Education Fairs; held in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, March 17th-18th and March 20th, respectively.

Admittedly yes, on a short holiday you can see the tourist attractions and get a general sense of the place, but can you really say you understand the culture or the people? By choosing to study abroad you can truly involve yourself and learn more not only about the place you are in, but yourself also.

During the international experience, students generally study in smaller class sizes and have access to vast resources such as libraries, media centres, extensive sports facilities and state of the art IT labs. Students also have masses of opportunities to experience a wide range of extra-curricular activities, such as theatre, sailing, cooking, dance, sports and much more.

Research has also proven the extent to which applying your mind in a new culture can improve your creativity, self-awareness, confidence, independence, mental health and extraversion. The effort it can take to study abroad can be large, but the rewards are so great that studying overseas is always worth it.

At the Global Education Fairs, students and parents are encouraged to speak with institutions from around the world to find out the tremendous advantages of an international experience at a high school, university or language programme abroad.

Entrance to the fairs is free of charge and visitors are advised to pre-register for fast-track entry at the event website which also gives information on participating institutions and the seminar schedules. We look forward to helping you on the first step of your tremendous new journey! via