Job in Dubai & UAE Nursery children channel Ramadan spirit with gifts for less fortunate

Nursery children channel Ramadan spirit with gifts for less fortunate:

UAE: Children at British Orchard Nurseries across the UAE have this year channelled the spirit of Ramadan by making custom gift boxes to send to less fortunate youngsters around the world.

Children from all 12 branches of the nursery took part in the project, which was inspired by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed’s For You – Lakum initiative that is aimed at putting a smile on the faces of children in need across the world.

Dr Vandana Gandhi, chief executive and founder of the British Orchard Nursery franchise, said: “It’s never too early to inculcate empathy in children for those who are less fortunate than them. We hope and believe that such activities encourage our little ones to reach out and help others in need and go on to create a brighter, happier tomorrow.

“It was quite heartwarming to see children personalising the boxes with their favourite toys. The joy of giving and sharing truly is an overwhelming emotion and this exercise helps our children understand that.”

The gifts were personalised by the children as they contributed their own toys in addition to educational supplies, including pens, pencils, books, colouring books and paintbrushes. Hygiene items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes, combs, hairclips and soap were also included.

Nursery employees are also active in volunteering for good causes and have previously participated in events such as the Walk for Education and Walk for Diabetes.

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