Job in Dubai & UAE More Abu Dhabi schools to serve as community centres for public

More Abu Dhabi schools to serve as community centres for public:

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Fifteen additional government schools across the emirate will open in the evenings to serve as community centres for the public.

The so-called community schools will offer “sophisticated modern facilities combining sports, cultural and social activities”, according to the regulator, Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec).

The facilities will be available between 4pm and 8pm daily from Sunday to Wednesday.

Adec had previously announced that the community schools would reserve Sunday and Tuesday for girls and women, and Monday and Wednesday for boys and men.

The community schools include five in Abu Dhabi: the Mubarak bin Mohammed School on Abu Dhabi Island; Khalifa School (A) in Khalifa A; Alkemma School in Al Shamkha; Al Shawamikh School in Shuwaikh; and Abdullah bin Ateibah School in Mohammed bin Zayed. In Al Ain, the community schools include Al Jahili School in Al Jahili, Al Hossoun School in Mezid, Al Tamouh School in Al Tawiya, Ahmed bin Zayed School in Zakher and Sheikha bint Sorour School in Al Yahar. In the Western Region, they are Al Sila School in Sila, Al Khamael (female centre) in Madinat Zayed, Al Gharbia (male centre) in Madinat Zayed, Al Marfa School in Al Marfa and Al Radwan School in Ghayathi.

Anyone wishing to use these facilities must register at the participating schools.

The community schools project first launched in 2015 with 15 public schools across the emirate.

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