Job in Dubai & UAE Italian university looks for tie-ups with UAE varsities

Italian university looks for tie-ups with UAE varsities:

Abu Dhabi, UAE: An Italian university is looking to develop academic links and partnerships with universities in the UAE in the field of agriculture and food security.

Dr Salvatore Costantino, dean of Catania University’s Faculty of Agriculture, Food, and Environment, has been visiting a number of universities in the UAE, with the goal of sharing some of the institution’s own expertise in agriculture.

“I realised that it was possible to provide the necessary help and experience in this vital domain, thus we decided in Catania University’s Faculty of Agriculture and Food to come to the UAE, and examine things on ground,” Costantino said.

“We started with the University of the United Arab Emirates, and the Faculty of Agriculture in particular, we met the dean of the faculty and his deputy, and we are in the process of concluding an agreement whereby students and teachers can be exchanged,” he added.

Costantino said that creating academic links would be highly beneficial, as it would allow the university to exchange its experiences and knowledge with its Emirati counterparts.

“We can display our experience, especially in the use of water in agriculture, and organic agriculture, given that the area where the university is located has one of the highest rates of organic farms in Europe, and we have a considerable experience in this domain.

“We also have vast experience in the field of food science, particularly the post-harvest operations and food security,” he added.

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