Job offer available in Scotland Teaching Fellow (Interpersonal Learning Group Facilitator) at The University of Edinburgh

The group meets weekly on Monday evenings during teaching semesters from 6.45pm until 8.00pm, followed by a 45 minute debrief/process meeting with the other ILG facilitators. You will also meet with the core tutors twice per year to discuss any themes or issues requiring attention. No marking is involved in this role.

Job Purpose

To work within a team and under the overall guidance of the Programme Director to contribute to core professional education in counselling and psychotherapy by fulfilling the role of Teaching Fellow (Interpersonal Learning Group (ILG)) for the combined Masters in Counselling/ Diploma in Counselling. The purpose of the job is to contribute to student learning by supporting their personal and professional development including self-other awareness, practical understanding of the “necessary and sufficient conditions” and of unconscious process. The facilitator will work with a group of up to twelve students for the duration of the two-year programme. The aim of these unstructured groups is to provide students with opportunities to learn through their interpersonal relationships with one another, helping to develop their self-awareness and relational competence.

Main Responsibilities

The post requires a two-year commitment (from September to May each year) and will involve a weekly meeting with students and a minimum of 156.50 hours of work over the duration of the two year programme.

To provide consultancy to a group of up to 12 students to facilitate their personal development as reflective practitioners. This requires you to: (Approx 65% of time) support students in articulating, exploring and reflecting upon their personal experience both within and beyond the programme, and in particular in relation to the here-and-now of the group; and to handle their own and others’ personal and interpersonal material in a supportive, thoughtful and confidential manner.

  • To meet regularly with fellow Teaching Fellows (ILG), sometimes with a consultant, to reflect together on students’ progress and the dynamics of the groups, and to provide course evaluation information to the Programme Director (Approx 25% of time)
  • To meet periodically with the relevant programme directors and core tutors to explore themes arising and, if the need arises, to address concerns about individual students (Approx 5% of time)
  • To ensure that your own development is up-to-date and that you are familiar with University policies, for example on health and safety and student assessment; and plan and review your own approach to your work (Approx 5% of time)

This post is Fixed term, guaranteed hours post.

Closing Date: 5pm GMT on Wednesday 22nd August 2018

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