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PhD Studentship 2018/19

Proposed Project Title: Theoretical foundations of low-latency multihop communications

Principal Supervisor: Dr Michalis Matthaiou

Project Description: Wireless systems from 2G to 4G have been evolving towards offering the users connectivity at increasingly higher data rates. While this trend is anticipated to continue in the fifth generation (5G) wireless systems, there are two novel features pertaining to the successful roll-out of 5G+, namely Ultra-Reliable Communication and multihop communications. The former refers to an operation mode not present in today’s cellular wireless systems and refers to provision of certain level of service almost 100% of the time. The latter already emerges as an extension of the 4G systems and refers to support of a massive number (tens of thousands) machines in a given area through advanced relaying schemes. This type of communication is relevant for numerous emerging applications: connected health, autonomous vehicle and drone-based delivery, smart homes and factories, and remote surgery among others. Yet, the physical-layer solutions to support ultra-reliable, low-latency (URLL) multihop services are still in their infancy. This is due to the fact that most recent advances in the design of high-speed wireless systems are based on communication-theoretic principles that overlook the importance of transmitting short packets with very high reliability and very low latency.


This cross-institutional US-Ireland project proposes a new concept called “transcoding”, which is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between theory and practice for low-latency multi-hop communications. In particular, we will consider inner and outer coding design, performance assessment in fading channels, MIMO transcoding and hardware-constrained transcoding among others. Our solutions will be tested and prototyped at the software defined radio based facilities at Purdue University. At the end of the project, we will have gained valuable knowledge of the fundamental interplays between lower latency, better reliability, massive connection density, and improved energy efficiency within the IoT/5G+ ecosystem (from 2020 and beyond).

Academic Requirements:

A minimum 2.1 honours degree or equivalent in Electrical and Electronic Engineering or relevant degree is required. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 in all four elements of the test or equivalent. A strong knowledge in signal processing, digital communications and mathematics is desired.


This 3 year International PhD studentship, potentially funded by the School of EEECS, commencing as soon as possible (intended start date 15 November 2018), covers tuition fees and a maintenance grant (approximately £14,000 per annum).

Applicants should apply electronically through the Queen’s online application portal at:

Further information available at:

Supervisor Name: Dr Michalis Matthaiou

Tel: 028 9097 1789


QUB Address:

ECIT Institute, Queen’s University Belfast

Queen’s Road, Queen’s Island, Catalyst Inc

Belfast, BT3 9DT, Northern Ireland, U.K.      


Deadline for submission of applications is: 15 September 2018