Job offer in england John Wroe and his Bible at University of Bristol

The project (Three year duration)

The Life and Times of a Visionary Prophet: John Wroe and his Bible

The Department of History at the University of Bristol is offering one funded PhD studentship to work on the nineteenth century prophet, John Wroe, supervised by Dr John Lyons and Dr Anke Holdenried.

John Wroe was the head of a mid-nineteenth century Christian prophetic movement inspired by Joanna Southcott. Placing great emphasis upon his ability to interpret the Bible, his followers nonetheless had competing claims to authority that they had to navigate: both Wroe’s prophetic texts themselves, and the words of prior prophetic voices in the tradition to which Wroe believed he was the anointed successor.

This project will examine how biblical interpretation proceeds in such a movement, using Wroe’s prophetic texts as a case study. It will look not only at how Wroe interprets key biblical texts for his readers and follows, but will investigate where his readings fit in terms of the history of biblical interpretation.

This project will not only make an important contribution to the study of John Wroe’s thought, and to our understanding of the diversity of British Christianity in the 19th century, but it will also give an important insight into the ways that the Bible is read, understood, and re-told by self-proclaimed prophetic readers.

How to apply: Please apply in writing to Dr John Lyons, at the Department of Historical Studies, Bristol University, 11 Woodland Road, Bristol BS8 1TB, or, with a curriculum vitae, as well as a statement (no more than 1 page) of your suitability for the studentship.

If you have not already applied to do postgraduate research at Bristol, please also make an online application for this project at Please select History on the programme choice page and enter details of the scholarship when prompted in the funding and research details sections of the form. 

Funding: The Panacea Charitable Trust

Contacts: Informal enquiries may be addressed to Dr John Lyons, University of Bristol, by email in the first instance (

Fees: Full payment of tuition fees at the Home/EU rate and an annual and maintenance stipend of £14,553 (2017/18). Applications from international students outside of the EU will be considered; however the candidate would be expected to fund the difference between UK/EU fees and overseas fees.

Candidate requirements:  A pass at M level (or international equivalent)