Faculty Job in Academic & University Assistant/Associate Professor of Environmental Science


Position Title
Assistant/Associate Professor of Environmental Science

Job Type

Position Type
Full-time, 10 Month


40 Hours/Week

Job Description Summary
We invite applications for a tenure-track (10 month) faculty position in environmental
science at the rank of assistant or associate professor. A Ph.D. in environmental science, environmental chemistry, or a related field is
required; ABD considered. We seek an applicant with expertise in soil and water science. Experience promoting and
developing environmental science curricula is desirable, as is familiarity with geographic information systems (GIS) and its potential application to the Keuka College Digital Learning Initiative (DL@KC: https://www.keuka.edu/academics/digital-learning). We value
quality in teaching, and we thus seek enthusiastic scholars who likewise value and enjoy working closely with an undergraduate population in
a student-centered, liberal arts-based environment. The successful candidate will enjoy teaching environmental science courses to science
majors at all levels, as well as courses for non-majors. This person will also seek out opportunities to involve undergraduates in ongoing
research projects.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Teach undergraduate environmental science courses to science majors at all levels,
    which may include the following: freshman and sophomore courses covering environmental science and/or natural resource conservation [ENV 105, ENV 250], an environmental chemistry course [CHM 340]), and
    an advanced course in soil and water science. As teaching load allows, teach other introductory majors and non-majors courses according to
    the candidate’s expertise.
  • Teach undergraduate courses in the general education program when required.
  • Engage students in
    research projects and/or other scholarly endeavors.
  • Participate in development, evaluation, and assessment of program
  • Contribute to the College and the Division through participation in College and Division functions.
  • Serve as
    an academic advisor to science majors.
  • Responsible for ensuring that assigned tasks are completed in compliance with various
    institutional and regulatory requirements.
  • Maintain a professional and courteous attitude at all times towards co-workers, internal
    and external customers, representing Keuka College, its programs, policies, and procedures in a positive and professional manner. Maintain
    effective working relationships to ensure institution-wide teamwork.
  • Attend provided/necessary training’s and other meetings
    to support effectiveness within the position as required.
  • Consistently demonstrate high standards of integrity by supporting the
    Keuka College mission, vision, and values and adhering to institutional policies.
  • Maintain a high regard for student privacy in
    accordance with the FERPA privacy policies and procedures.
  • Regular and reliable attendance is expected
    and required.
  • Perform other functions as assigned by management.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Ph.D.
    in Environmental Science or closely-related discipline (ABD considered with evidence of imminent degree
  2. Demonstrated interest and potential for excellence in undergraduate teaching.
  3. Dedication to pursue scholarly
    interests in collaboration with undergraduate students.
  4. Ability to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing.
  5. Understand and behave with a high level of integrity and complete confidentiality at all times.
  6. Ability to be sensitive to and
    respond to needs/concerns of students, faculty, college staff and the public.
  7. Ability to work under pressure with a high tolerance
    for interruptions, and the ability to work with diverse groups of people.

Physical Requirements

  • Evening
    and weekend hours required.
  • Occasional lifting up to 25 lbs.

In support of the Americans with Disabilities Act, this
job description lists only those responsibilities and qualifications deemed essential to the position.

About Us
Keuka College is a warm, welcoming and diverse community of people of different faiths and beliefs, who
share a fundamental optimism born of resilience and resourcefulness. Assembled on our serene college campus on the shore of one of the
world’s most beautiful glacial lakes, and in other venues around the region and across the globe. Keuka College has a proud heritage as a
liberal arts college. Environmental Science is one of several program areas in the Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. We offer
degrees in biochemistry, biology, environmental science, and mathematics. Additionally, we work with the Education division to support the
Adolescent Education programs in Biology, Mathematics, and Chemistry. Division faculty includes three chemists, four biologists, two
environmental scientists, and three mathematicians. We also have a full-time laboratory coordinator.

Our facilities have seen
significant recent upgrades. The Jephson Science Hall was renovated in 2000. A recent grant supported the purchase of several pieces of
chemical instrumentation, including HPLC with diode array detection, GC-MS, and new Infrared as well as UV/Vis
spectrophotometers. The biology equipment holdings include a hood for the aseptic transfer of cell cultures, a CO2 incubator for growing
cell cultures, and an ultralow freezer for sample storage. We have a research quality microscope with phase contrast and DIC capability, an inverted microscope for viewing cultured cells, and a fluorescence microscope with blue and green
filters. Equipment shared with other faculty includes a thermal cycler for running PCR experiments, equipment to
run agarose gels (for DNA analysis) and SDSPAGE (for protein
analysis), centrifuges, incubators, and spectrophotometers for DNA/protein analysis.

Keuka College is an equal opportunity employer.

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