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** Cover letter required for all positions and optional for facilities, campus services, and hospitality positions unless otherwise specified.Job Description Summary The Dean of Students is responsible for all aspects of student life, student support, and student services at the Law School. While managing multiple offices, the incumbent will oversee the successful administration of student enrollment, programs and organizations, wellness, disability services, career placement, and financial aid. This position works closely with the departmental directors and takes a data driven approach to set goals and measure outcomes. The incumbent will provide leadership and collaboration and develop long-term plans, lead student efforts and engage with the community to enhance the environment. By understanding the student body and strategic vision set by the Dean, this position will build programs and set policies that increase equity, diversity, and inclusion during every stage of the student life cycle. 

Job Description

The incumbent will provide services that foster success and the wellbeing of Law Students and council those who need additional support or special accommodations due to challenging circumstances. Specific initiatives will be set in place to build pipelines for underrepresented students and to meet the increasing number of student ADA/Section 504 accommodations. The position responds to campus and student emergencies, oversees the disciplinary process, and conducts threat assessments.

Responsible for the student life cycle, this position provides direction for JD and Graduate admissions, financial aid, and career development. This includes bringing in the class and making admissions decisions on applicants, creating diverse recruitment strategies and marketing efforts, advising students and identifying unique career opportunities, managing tight budgets, providing aid, and ensuring our students are ready for the legal market. The incumbent will take a data driven approach to and lead innovative programs and events using with advanced technology, proactive communication and reporting. Additionally, the incumbent will comply with federal, state, ABA, ADA and institutional policies and procedures.


The Dean of Students reports to the Dean and serves as a member of the leadership team. This position collaborates closely with the CAO and Dean of Academic Affairs. The individual will interface with the entire student population, speak at large events, organize student programs, and advise Departments and Faculty of student services. The position regularly serves as a leader across campus and within higher education on issues that affect law students. The position will manage at least 3 direct reports and approximately 15 indirect reports.

Required Qualifications

JD or Master’s Degree with at least ten years of professional experience in management, legal practice and/or student services. Significant experience in conflict management, student advising, disability management and leadership in an academic setting. 

Outstanding written and oral communication skills, with the ability to write and speak succinctly, advocate effectively and persuade with nuance when working with a wide variety of constituents. The ability to say no with grace, deliver difficult news, and manage difficult conversations is particularly important, especially with demanding faculty, staff and students. Must be able to work independently, effectively, and collegially with faculty, deans, staff, parents, students and senior administrators.

Superior judgment, high resilience and energy, strong emotional intelligence, compassion and positivity. Serving as a community model the successful candidate will be self-motivated, discreet, diplomatic, tactful, mindful and calm. Sophistication in student affairs best practices, management best practices, the state of the legal profession and law pedagogy, and wellness issues that affect law students and lawyers, is required.

1. Student Support

  • Serves as primary contact for in the Dean’s Office for all law student needs.
  • Provides deep academic and/or personal advising experience, including experience responding. Superior listening skills and non-judgmental counseling approach.
  • Work with individual students and student groups to resolve student challenges, including mental and physical health issues, personal crises, safety and community issues, requests for academic exceptions or accommodations, leaves of absence and special accommodations due to challenging circumstances. Implements systems to identify and correct negative trends in student life, student health, or student community.
  • Works with Dean and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs on student matters dealing with the student Code of Conduct.
  • Leads threat assessment teams to ensure a safe and supportive community. Coordinates resources and responses to requests and informs the Dean of trends or areas of immediate attention or need.

2. Enrollment Services

  • Develops, manages, measures and refines enrollment services at the Law School.
  • Strategically sets goals for Law School admissions, financial aid, career outcomes, and bar passage and reports on performance and success of each functional area.
  • Informs and advises prospective applicants on admissions process, including at on-campus admissions information sessions and in campuses and cities around the country and by representing the Law School at informational sessions and law fairs.
  • Counsels and recruits admitted students in person, via email and phone Plan and attend admitted student recruitment events locally and around the country.
  • Adjusts recruitment and marketing strategies to target annual goals of enrollment. Directs publications as needed.
  • Responsible for direction and allocation of scholarship funding and efforts surrounding the entering JD and graduate class, achieving strategic goals for number of students enrolling as well as academic qualifications and other priorities as defined by the Dean.
  • Establishes and directs mechanisms to evaluate, measure and report on recruitment efforts, scholarship awards, and individual funding decisions as it relates to the overall budget.
  • Builds events, information sessions, and skills training to prepare Law Students for a professional career. Works with Faculty, campus leaders, alumni, and individuals or businesses in the community to develop networks and opportunities or generate interest in our graduates. 
  • Provides proactive individualized career coaching and advising including developing a career plan and strategy, collecting and maintaining employment data for each student.
  • Ultimately responsibility for reporting accurate and timely Admissions, Financial Aid, and Careers data to internal and external stakeholders, including the ABA.

3. Student Programming

  • Provides primary oversight for the Student Bar Association and all extra-curricular student organizations.
  • Develops programming and informational campaigns to highlight law school, University and bar association support for student wellbeing
  • Plans and executes orientation, admitted students day, open houses, other recruiting events, Career and Professional Development networking events, Alumni or reunion events, and commencement.
  • Develops and directs delivery of various programs, trainings, and services, that identify and address various student or community concerns.
  • Represents the Law School for various Student functions and speaks at national and international student affairs conferences, legal education programs, student organizations, or large Law School events. 
  • Manages communication for student events. Ensures accurate deadlines, budgets submissions, and processes are installed for best utilization of resources and highest participation and educational value.
  • Creates and implementing programming, networking events and resource development for area of expertise, including diversity and inclusion, business & corporate initiatives, regional and local firms, transfer students, international JD students. 

4. Management

  • Meets regularly with direct reports to monitor progress, provide guidance and resolve issues that arise.
  • Delegates and collaborates within and across departments to manage workflow and ensure adequate resources are established for project and student success.
  • Responsible for setting goals, completing performance reviews, and ensuring fair and consistent management practices are used.
  • Supports professional development and thoughtfully approaches workforce to set strategies and professional standards.

5. Other

  • Serves on several University committees.
  • Is accessible by phone 24/7 in the event of an emergency or time-sensitive issues.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Additional Job Description

Time Type Requirement

Full time

Note to Applicant:

This position profile identifies the key responsibilities and expectations for performance. It cannot encompass all specific job tasks that an employee may be required to perform. Employees are required to follow any other job-related instructions and perform job-related duties as may be reasonably assigned by his/her supervisor.

In order to provide a safe and productive learning and living community, Wake Forest University conducts background investigations and drug screens for all final staff candidates being considered for employment.

Wake Forest seeks to recruit and retain a diverse workforce while promoting an inclusive work environment committed to excellence in the spirit of Pro Humanitate. In adherence with applicable laws and as provided by University policies, the University prohibits discrimination in its employment practices on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, genetic information, disability and veteran status and encourages qualified candidates across all group demographics to apply. 

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