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Executive university job – Chief Operating Officer – HigherEdJobs

Executive university job – Chief Operating Officer – HigherEdJobs

Open executive Job in Academic & University Chief Operating Officer – HigherEdJobs

Posting Number: 0621249
Location: Charlottesville
Department: University of
Virginia Art Museum

Minimum Education

Minimum Experience
Some – up to 4 years

The position of Chief Operating Officer oversees the financial, human resources, security, administrative and operational needs for The
Fralin Museum of Art. The COO follows the procedures, policies and guidelines of the University of Virginia, State of Virginia, and the
Federal Government. S/he oversees that the University/State budgeting process as well as the local Museum budgeting process are completed in
an accurate and timely manner. This includes working closely with the Office of the Provost and Vice-Provost for the Arts and all
departments at the Museum as well as the Director and Chief Curator.

The COO serves as a member of the senior management team and advises the team on the financial matters of each department and the Museum as
a whole. This position is considered an Administrative Generalist. Administrative Generalists are responsible for a variety of professional
level work across a composite of administrative service areas including budget, finance, procurement, human resources, academic
administration, student services, communications, grants and research administration, space and facilities and/or high-level operational

S/he supports the Executive Director in efforts to ensure long-term financial stability, expand creative capacity, and enhance overall
institutional reputation.

The COO plays an important role in a broad range of activities related to institutional planning and resource management. S/he supervises
the annual budget preparations with the Director and Chief Curator. S/he is expected to be a leader in organizational matters, working with
the Director and Chief Curator as well as other members of Senior Staff, to direct policies and procedures related to museum operations and
leading efforts for performance improvements throughout the organization.

The COO consults regularly with the Director and Chief Curator, as well as other pertinent Senior Staff, about long-term facilities issues,
safety and security matters, including emergency preparedness, support organizations, organizational performance, and all financial matters.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Manages 4 direct reports: Accounting Specialist, Chief Security Officer, Assistant to
    the Director, Marketing Manager
  • Directs and supervises the museum’s financial and budget activities in order to fund operations and
    increase efficiency.
  • Manages the production of all financial reports, including monthly financial statements. Reviews monthly
    analysis of performance. Reforecast annual budget as required.
  • Oversees the preparation of budgets for approval, including those
    for funding and implementation of programs, and delegates management of sections of the budget to department heads and others as
  • Develops, coordinates, and executes policies and procedures affecting all areas of the Museum; recommends and
    implements systems to improve Museum operations and provide for successful integration of Museum-wide activities. Formulates policies to
    ensure best practices in alignment with the museum industry and the University.
  • Works with the Director and Chief Curator for the
    coordination of strategic planning for the Museum
  • Provides leadership and oversight of the museum’s visitor services ensuring
    effective management.
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Director and Chief Curator.

Bachelor’s degree and at
least three years of relevant experience is required.

The University of Virginia is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.

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