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130,000 to 150,000 USD Per Year

The CFO position is a senior administrative official responsible for the direction of financial affairs of the College and the clinical teaching arm, the Foot Center of New York.


  1. Serves as the senior administrator official for the financial affairs which include the supervision of investments, accounting, and budgets in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and in compliance with all Federal, State and/or local laws.
  2. Responsible for the creation, implementation. and maintenance of the College’s and Clinic’s accounting department including the supervision and recruitment of all finance staff.
  3. Accepts the responsibilities delegated by the governing board and acknowledgements the performance of said responsibilities will be governed solely by the best interest of the institutions and applicable laws.
  4. Responsible for promptly reporting to the President and/or COO of any occurrence or non-compliance which may be deemed a violation of law.
  5. Develop, implement and maintain the Institution’s annual budget in consultation with the governing board, president, Dean, and COO
  6. Establish and maintain an internal control system to assure the protection and accountability of all assets of the College and Clinic.
  7. Establishes, follows and maintains all governmental guidelines related to fund accounting and collection procedures.
  8. Submits and presents to the governing Board and President, on a regular basis, financial performance reports indicating the most up-to-date financial position.
  9. Ensures timely completion of all federal, state and city reports.

QUALIFICATIONS: BS in Accounting MBA in Finance or Experience in Finance or CPA Ability to work irregular hours when called upon. Demonstrated history of financial and administrative experience. 10+ years preferred experience

Postal Address:

Joel A. Sturm, COO & Vice President Administration
New York College of Podiatric Medicine
53 East 124th Street
New York, NY 10035

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