Open executive Job in Academic & University Associate Dean, Undergraduate Professional Studies


National Louis University is establishing a new approach to undergraduate education and has set the ambitious goal of becoming a local and
national leader in closing the achievement gap in bachelor’s degree attainment. Through an innovative, affordable, rigorous, flexible,
supportive, and professionally focused approach to undergraduate education, NLU seeks to help thousands of students – many of whom face
significant barriers to completing college – get to and through college and move on to successful careers and fulfilling lives.

Currently, NLU serves first-time full-time freshmen in its groundbreaking Pathways program as well as part-time and full-time adult transfer
students in face-to-face/blended and online coursework, and enrollment is growing rapidly and on-pace to exceed 5,000 undergraduates by
2020. As undergraduate enrollment continues to grow, NLU is currently preparing to establish its pioneering Undergraduate College (UGC) in
2018 – this college will be laser-focused on being student-focused in all aspects of its educational approach: it will be a model for
best-in-class teaching practices and holistic wrap-around supports. This will include, for example: focusing all faculty on being exemplary
teachers (e.g., use of blended/flipped instruction, station rotation, positive behavior intervention strategies, modeling, active learning,
reciprocal teaching) and therefore having no research expectations of UGC faculty; providing every student with a clear pathway to a
bachelor’s degree so that students graduate as quickly as possible with minimal debt; assigning every student a success coach/advisor who
will be their one-stop touchpoint for support to stay on-track to graduate and transition successfully to employment or advanced studies;
utilizing faculty/coach teaming structures along with predictive analytics to facilitate data-driven, real-time student intervention and
program improvement; requiring career readiness coursework and work-based learning experiences to prepare students for the professional
world; and, providing wraparound supports to address personal needs of our diverse student population, such as counseling, a food pantry,
and an emergency fund.

As the Undergraduate College is established at NLU, it is a top priority to ensure that the back two years of the student experience -
including coursework across 11+ undergraduate majors – are designed to ensure consistent implementation of this innovative, supportive,
rigorous, professionally-focused educational model. The Associate Dean of Undergraduate Professional Studies will oversee this charge by
guiding program chairs and faculty toward best practices across 11+ undergraduate majors – i.e., this position will have primary
responsibility for the planning and day-to-day delivery of all undergraduate majors and associated coursework necessary for degree
completion. This will also include oversight of the administrative systems/processes that support curriculum and instruction, such as
scheduling, assigning faculty workload, and facilitating faculty professional development and evaluation.

We seek an individual who is looking to get in on the ground floor of an innovative effort to close the college achievement gap and who is
excited about the opportunity to build a unique and transformational approach to ensuring the success of all NLU undergraduate students. The
position will report to the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives as part of the emerging NLU Undergraduate College while working
collaboratively across all of NLU to ensure all objectives are achieved.


  • Student-Focused: Make decisions based on what is best for students with the belief that when all
    students have access to resources and support, they are empowered to achieve success.
  • Expect Excellence: Hold high expectations for
    our students and for the faculty and staff who serve them, and hold ourselves accountable for achieving excellence.
  • Personalized
    Support: Take a holistic approach to providing individualized support that encourages students to realize their full potential in college
    and beyond.
  • Data-Driven, Collaborative Environment: Work together as a unified team, utilizing real-time data and technology to
    adapt to student needs.
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation: Remain agile and open to changes and new ideas-incorporating data as
    well as student, faculty, and administration voice-to ensure that we are continuously learning, improving, and innovating in all aspects of
    the student experience. Be positively restless and relentless!


  • Serve as academic leader of
    all undergraduate major coursework, overseeing program chairs and all faculty supporting 11+ undergraduate majors such as Business
    Administration, Criminal Justice, Applied Communications, Education, and more.
  • Oversee all curriculum development and revision in
    flipped/blended and online modalities, with support of subject matter expert faculty and instructional designers.
  • Hire and train
    program chairs and faculty to facilitate UGC instructional model.
  • Observe, coach, and evaluate program chairs to drive
    best-in-class program management and supervision of instruction in NLU’s undergraduate coursework.
  • Drive systematic collaboration
    across faculty teams to ensure data-driven collaborative planning on a regular basis around student and curriculum continuous
  • Develop professional development plan for all faculty in collaboration with instructional coaches and program
  • Oversee day-to-day administrative systems/operations that support undergraduate major coursework implementation (e.g.,
    course scheduling, assigning faculty workload, collaboration with Career Services to incorporate work-based learning experiences, ensuring
    maintenance of accreditation documentation, and supporting enrollment management processes as needed, additional program-wide events,
  • Develop and implement multi-year plan to drive continuous improvement in undergraduate majors, including benchmarks for
    success and key strategies. In addition, drive long-term undergraduate program portfolio planning (e.g., which majors to offer, which
    courses to offer, etc.)
  • Support partnership development efforts to advance the work of each undergraduate major (e.g., establishing
    and maintaining articulation agreements, building advisory councils, creating work-based learning opportunities, supporting curriculum
    development, etc.)
  • In collaboration with VP of Strategic Initiatives, develop and manage budget for undergraduate major
    programming, ensuring faculty and staff are well supported in their work and that resources are used wisely.
  • Resolve faculty and
    student conflicts, complaints, disciplinary issues, etc.
  • Identify gaps between student needs and existing resources and services;
    generate creative resolutions.



  • Deep passion for ensuring the academic success of diverse learners.
  • Self-directed, and
    independently able to break down complex problems into manageable action steps, execute on action steps, and develop desired deliverables in
    executive-level quality without significant oversight. Able to get up to speed quickly on new, complex strategic challenges and contribute
    immediately to solving them.
  • Skilled in team leadership including driving staff motivation, development, and outcomes-orientation,
    and experienced in working with upper level management.
  • Strong project management abilities, capable of taking large initiatives,
    breaking them down into manageable tasks, and ensuring execution of tasks on-time and at high-quality.
  • Team player comfortable
    working with a variety of people and capable of leading a group towards a common goal, including cross-functional efforts in which one may
    not have direct authority.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills; capable of effectively and professionally communicating
    with a variety of audiences including students, faculty, and advisors.
  • Flexible and comfortable working on a variety of assignments
    at a given time; able to balance competing priorities and deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
  • Experience coaching, supervising,
    and evaluating faculty or teachers. Comfortable working with a diverse faculty body.
  • Curriculum development experience, ideally
    with experience in blended and personalized learning technologies.
  • Agile and comfortable with ambiguity.
  • Technology
    proficient, including experience using technology tools for the classroom.
  • Willingness/ability to use data to solve problems, to
    inform differentiated coaching and professional development, and to drive overall programmatic continuous improvement.

Experience and/or Education

  • Graduate degree in Education, Management, or related field.
  • 7+ years
    professional experience, including experience teaching, and also in a faculty mentor or department/program chair role. Higher education
    administrative accomplishments supported by evidence of operational metric improvements and experience leading large teams to drive
    educational outcomes for diverse learners.

National-Louis University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Access/Equal Opportunity Employer dedicated to the achievement of excellence and diversity among its students, faculty and staff. NLU is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community and strongly encourages all qualified individuals to apply.

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