One of the keys to the growth of any organization is innovation, and innovation is achieved by working creatively. The creative people they are the ones that can bring more value to any company, but for that creativity to come to light it is necessary to define a suitable environment and put into practice a series of techniques to develop creative ideas at work. What does the company get in return? That their workers are necessary collaborators in the design of revolutionary processes, products and services, really new in the market. This fact will help the organization to differentiate itself from the competition and, of course, will increase profits.

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How to boost creativity at work

Thus, the advantages of having creative professionals They are clear. But how to help this happen? These are the most effective techniques for develop creative ideas at work:

1. Brainstorming or brainstorming

This is perhaps the best known technique of all: it consists in organizing a work meeting so that a group of people can find the solution to a specific problem. One is in charge of exposing the problem and, once known to everyone, they leave contributing ideas freely and without any filter. It is useful to write down everything that is said in the meeting, however crazy it may seem. From the craziest idea, a clue may arise to find the real solution to the problem.

These types of techniques are very useful for free the mind of the workers, who is often very involved in the most routine tasks. It is essential to carry it out not to censor or criticize any contribution.

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2. Say goodbye to fear!

Both in brainstorming meetingsAs in any other situation at work, bosses must work and strive so that their employees do not feel afraid to express themselves and make mistakes. The basis of creativity is freedom, and this is achieved if there are no criticisms or reproaches for one's thoughts and statements. At most, criticism at work must be constructive. In this sense, one of the techniques that can be applied when a worker firmly proposes an issue is to encourage him to take a test.

"Ok, try it and tell me how it went" would be the ideal response to a proposal, even if you don't trust it much. The employee will not feel censored and will put his imagination into practice, thus increasing the chances of finding a solution, whether that solution is the first idea you have had, or not.

3. Bet on recreational spaces

The game stimulates the creativity and productivity of work, and the possibilities in an office are endless: table football, darts, ping pong tables, video games … Offer employees recreational spaces to free their mind It is a good technique for get more creative ideas and innovative.

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4. Install giant whiteboards on the wall

Everyone in the office will be free to write down whatever they want on those boards, which will become a kind of collective mural of creative ideas. A permanent and visible brainstorming that costs very little and contributes a lot.

5. Encourages interaction with other departments

Always doing the same things will never offer a different result. You have to get out of the routine, and a simple and inexpensive way to do it is to allow the free flow of workers between different departments, even in an organized way. Organizing work meetings between departments will allow us to know the same work from other perspectives can make the mind open in unexpected ways.

6. Don't interrupt the flow of creativity

Finally, a tip: if you detect that a worker is concentrated, in full 'flow' (That state that the mind reaches when it enjoys what it is doing), do not interrupt it. It is in those moments that they can be born the most amazing and creative ideas.

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