Job in Dubai & UAE UAE Academy Celebrates its 11th Anniversary

UAE Academy Celebrates its 11th Anniversary:

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Today the UAE Academy, the training arm of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, had the pleasure of celebrating the 11th anniversary of its establishment as an independent training and academic center operating in accordance with the vision of the UAE’s leadership. The Academy’s mission includes supporting Emiratization initiatives in the private sector through the training and development of Emirati high school and university graduates by providing them with technical and managerial skills required by the labor market.

Dr. Abdullah Abonamah, the Academy’s CEO, opened the ceremony by commending all staff on a job well done, while pointing out that UAE Academy has all the ingredients required for continued and greater success in achieving its mission, through its qualified academic professors, experienced trainers and professional administrative staff.

In addition, Dr. Abdullah confirmed that since its establishment, the Academy has made it a priority to strengthen its relations with the business community and to gain a direct understanding of the current challenges facing the business sector. Therefore, it has entered into partnerships with some of the world’s leading academic and industrial organizations and institutions to design and deliver programs that focus on motivation and personal choices.

Dr. Abdullah then highlighted the fact that the training and academic programs offered by the Academy provide unique opportunities for the participants to excel and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in the current job market. The strategic initiatives, management consulting, and research activities provided by the Academy support the programs offered and provide an integrated system of training and career development that supports the role of the national work force in the job market and effectively contributes to the establishment of a thriving private sector in a sustainable and knowledge-based economy.

Concluding the ceremony, the Academy’s staff and CEO bid farewell to their colleague Jawad Akel, from the Information and Communication Department, and wished him all the best in his future endeavors. Finally, lunch was served and enjoyed by all in a spirit of friendship and fellowship. via