Job in Dubai & UAE Prestigious scholarships is looking for Emirati applicants

Prestigious scholarships is looking for Emirati applicants:

Abu Dhabi, UAE: One of the world’s most prestigious scholarships is looking for Emirati applicants in the UAE. The Fulbright Scholarship is seeking for Emirati students and young professionals who want to pursue graduate-level study in the US for the 2018-2019 academic years.

The programme, which is funded by the US Department of State and managed by Amideast UAE, provides successful applicants with funding for tuition and required fees, book allowance, equipment, monthly maintenance allowance, and a supplemental health and accident coverage plan.

“Fulbright [Scholarship] is the perfect combination package. It’s the most prestigious scholarship to go to the US and it gives you a full package to get a master’s degree in what you are interested in,” said Rula M. Dajani, country director, Amideast.

“You can study in any of the 50 states in the US and study in the field of our choice. We and Education USA [free advising centre by the US embassy] can also provide support for the university selection,” she added.

Dajani said applicants have to be Emirati, completed a bachelor degree as well as embody certain personality qualities. “You have to have the ambition and leaderships skills to want to come back and serve your country,” Dajani said.

“It’s a worldwide scholarship but sometimes it feels like its tailor made for the UAE. The programme are looking at the students who want to have leadership ability, students who want to come back and make a difference in their country, and also students who are interested in their cross culture and diversity experience which we see both in the US and the UAE,” she added.

Dajani highlighted that Fulbright is not only an opportunity to receive a high quality education in the US it also provides its alumni with a wide and diverse worldwide network.

She pointed out that alumni from the academic exchange programme, which was initiated in 1946, have gone to achieve remarkable accomplishments including, 54 alumni from 11 different countries that have been awarded the Nobel Prize, 29 alumni have served as heads of states and 82 who have won the Pulitzer prizes. While there are 13 Emirati alumni since 2007, there are 40 alumni in the UAE.

Dajani said Emirati students need not worry about being alone in the US as they will also have support from the UAE.

“The UAE embassy and consulates in the US have an outstanding relationship with their students, and looking at number of Emirati students going to the US speaks for itself. The number of Emirati students going to the US has increased year by year,” she said.

Applications can be completed via Amideast website and open until June 6.

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