Job in Dubai & UAE Future of Vocational Education in the UAE

Future of Vocational Education in the UAE:

UKCBC will soon begin delivering its vocational courses from our brand-new campus in Dubai. Today we look at why there’s never been a better time to study a vocational qualification.

The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) – the predecessor of the Office for Students, recently published its first-ever analysis on the impact of vocational degrees on graduates in the UK. The resulting report showed there are various benefits to gaining certification in a degree, “with almost all graduates [of vocational degree subjects] going on to get jobs in related professions.”

It would appear those who choose a course with strong ties to the practical application of professional skills are rewarded after graduation with a role that is both relevant to their studies and is typically associated “with higher early career earnings.” The report found that this was prevalent in medicine-related subjects but held true across the broad spectrum of degree subjects.

However, those with doubts as to which role or sector they wish to work in, the report motioned that, in this case, a broader academic subject would be more useful: “Less vocational subjects offer graduates a broad range of options, while more vocational subjects restrict these options in a graduate’s early career.” A qualification with fewer practical ties could also be beneficial for graduates who see themselves pursuing several careers in their lifetime; the resulting qualification could teach the various analytical and or creative skills that prepares individuals for a wide variety of professional careers.

The findings clearly indicate that those looking to qualify for a particular role would do well to assess which qualifications have the closest practical ties. For example, UKCBC’s BTEC programmes hosted from our Dubai campus would offer the ideal stepping stone to practical qualifications like a Higher National Diploma (HND) as well as the more academic qualifications like a Business and Management top-up degree. The HND courses have been created alongside employers in the industry to help prepare students with the skills they need to confidently work in a number of positions in the industry.

Other results from HEFCE’s publication highlight that the majority of degree qualifications are to some extent vocational. It may be beneficial for applicants when applying for roles in the future to highlight and emphasise the applied elements of the qualification; additionally, supplementing studies with practical experience could be greatly beneficial in the application process.

If you’re interested in learning the practical skills that will help prepare you for future professional success, contact one of UKCBC’s Dubai campus course advisors today to find out where our BTEC courses can take you. via