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UAE job – Fulbright grants 2019-21 open to Emirati graduates


Job in Dubai & UAE Fulbright grants 2019-21 open to Emirati graduates

Fulbright grants 2019-21 open to Emirati graduates:

Dubai, UAE: Emirati graduates have been asked to apply for the Fulbright Grant scholarships and pursue masters degrees from universities across the USA, so they can acquire knowledge and skills that would help them with UAE’s development goals.

The American Embassy in Abu Dhabi and Amideast on Wednesday announced the launch of the 2019-21 scholarship programme and will be selecting five qualified Emirati students to take on various postgraduate courses in the US.

“This is a very important programme as it gives UAE nationals a chance to pursue master degrees from any university in the US and return to serve their nation after completing their studies,” said Rula Dajani, Amideast’s UAE director, at a roundtable media conference on Wednesday.

“Emiratis should apply for these scholarships so they can acquire knowledge from the various fields that would be useful to them and the development of the UAE when they return to work here.”

Dajani noted that only Emirati graduates who can make the commitment to complete the two-year’s master programme from 2019 to 2021 can apply for the scholarships.

All courses are offered by the scholarship programme except medicine, pharmacy and dentistry. Dajani said: “Being a Fulbright scholar not only gives individuals a chance to study for an advanced degree in the US, but also the unique opportunity to meet other Fulbright grantees from around the world and form lifetime connections with Fulbright alumnae.”

Since its launch in the UAE in 2006, the Fulbright Grant has been awarded to 13 Emirati students hoping to pursue graduate and postgraduate degrees in the United States. Currently, five Emirati students are pursuing their masters degree courses in the US, courtesy of the scholarship programme. “This is one of the flagship programmes for the US government. Its goal is to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation between the US and the UAE,” said Nadia Ziyadeh, media officer, Embassy of the USA in Abu Dhabi.

She said the scholarship programme covers tuition and all other expenses of the student, until they complete the course. “We keep in contact with these students after they have graduated to see how they get on with their professions in the job market,” said Ziyadeh.

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