Job offer available in Scotland Postdoctoral Research Assistant at University of Dundee

We are recruiting for an exceptional individual to join us as a PRDA within our cytokine signalling/engineering group, to characterize the IL-27 signalosome in human T cells.

Cytokines are a large family of soluble messengers, whose main function is to oversee the correct functioning of the immune system. Most immune disorders can be traced to deregulation of a cytokine or cytokine-signalling pathway, which makes cytokines very attractive drug targets. The ability to manipulate cytokine responses in a meaningful and predicted manner would have an enormous impact in human health. Our laboratory seeks to understand how cytokine-cytokine receptor complexes generate highly specific yet pleiotropic biological activities. For that we use a multidisciplinary approach encompassing the engineering of surrogate ligands able to manipulate signalling outputs, the structural and biophysical characterization of ligand-receptor complexes formed by those ligands, quantitative and high-throughput characterization of signalling patterns activated by those ligands and in vitro and in vivo detailed analysis of their functional properties. Gaining insight into the molecular mechanism that underlay cytokine functional pleiotropy will greatly advance our understanding of cytokine biology and immune regulation.

The Moraga team has a track record in manipulating cytokine signalling and cytokine biological responses using protein engineering including alterations on the ligand-receptor binding topology of the erythropoietin-erythropoietin receptor system (Cell, 160:1196-1208, 2015), manipulation of the ligand-receptor complex stability on the IL-13 system (Sci. Signal 8:ra114, 2015) and modification of the ligand-receptor binding specificity on the IL-4 system (Nat. Chem. Biol. 8:990-998, 2012). We are seeking bright enthusiastic individuals to join our team to investigate the molecular bases underlying cytokine signalling and to engineer synthetic agonists with tailored functional properties for potential pharmaceutical applications.

Who we’re looking for:

  • PhD with outstanding academic track record and at least two first authored publication in an internationally recognized peer-review journal.
  • A strong background in protein biochemistry and biophysics, mass spectrometry, molecular biology and single particle TIRF microscopy is highly desirable.
  • Technically rigorous and highly organized.
  • Ability to work independently, yet collaborate effectively with co-workers.
  • Good interpersonal skills, excellent communication skills and proficiency in English.

Appointment as a Postdoctoral Research Assistant on the Grade 7 salary scale is dependent upon you having been awarded a PhD. An appointment may be considered if you are shortly expected to be awarded a PhD. The initial appointment will be made as a Research Assistant on the Training Grade 7 salary scale (Spinal Point 28, £31,302).

This post is fixed term for 1 year in the first instance.

For further information about this position please contact Dr. Ignacio Moraga at

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