Job offer available in Scotland Cultures of Consumption and the Railway in Britain, 1880-1948″ at University of Strathclyde

What were the experiences of eating on the train in the high decades of Britain’s railways? How did questions of class, gender, and race inform these experiences? What role did questions of diet, nutrition, and ‘eating-on-the-go’ play? What material record is left of these spaces and means of consumption?

Duration: 42 months


Applicants should hold a 2:1 undergraduate degree and a masters in a relevant subject (or be on track to obtain one). They should also meet AHRC guidelines for funding.

Project Details

This innovative collaborative PhD project pairs the expertise of a historian of nutrition and consumption with the world-class collections of the National Railway Museum (and wider Science Museum Group). The Museum’s collections offer a rich context in which to start research, with both a paper archive and an object store featuring everything from tiny teaspoons and disposable cups through to 1930s buffet-cars and Victorian dining saloons. With the period witnessing so many vital changes in food culture, from new technologies to mass production and the boom of imported foods, the PhD researcher will have ample opportunity to develop their own approach to analysing this exciting material. This PhD is ideally suited to a candidate eager to combine archival research with a hands-on approach to material culture in a major National Museum. The Museum is currently undergoing an exciting process of change, with a £50 million Masterplan reshaping its entire site and the successful applicant will be able to participate first-hand in helping develop and change the narratives the Museum tells.

Funding Details

Subject to standard AHRC eligibility criteria, the studentship will cover tuition fees at home/EU rate and provide a maintenance award at RCUK rates for a maximum of 3 years of full-time doctoral study from 1st October 2019 with the option of up to 6 months additional funding for related professional development. Further information.


Dr Elsa Richardson

Department of History

University of Strathclyde


Dr Oliver Betts

National Railway Museum

Further information

This studentship is funded through the AHRC’s Collaborative Doctoral Partnership (CDP) scheme.

Collaboration between a Higher Education Institution and a museum, library, archive, or heritage organisation is the essential feature of these studentships. This will be a fully funded AHRC research studentship covering three years of tuition fees at the university and maintenance (living costs), with additional funds available to support some research costs. There is also the option to apply for additional ‘Student Development Funding’ which covers up to six months’ extension of the studentship, or use of the equivalent funding for training, work placements and other development opportunities. Further information.

Contact us

Dr Elsa Richardson

Department of History

University of Strathclyde


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