Job offer in Ireland Lecturer (Structured) at Cork Institute of Technology

The Department of Tourism & Hospitality offers programmes in the areas of Tourism, Hospitality, Culinary & Beverage Industry Management. This role will offer the successful applicant an opportunity to assist in the management of the Hospitality and Culinary sections of the department as it develops its own identity and goals within the department structure. The appointee will bring leadership to the Hospitality and Culinary teams, be adaptable to facilitate the needs of the different programme areas within the department while always striving to develop and grow the quality and range of programmes offered within the Department of Tourism & Hospitality.

Duties: Lecturer (Structured)

The appointee will play an active role in the management and operation of all culinary activities and events which take place in the Department. The appointee will also provide academic direction of courses including teaching, research, academic assessment and academic administration.

The appointee should carry out such duties as are assigned to him/her in accordance with collective agreements arrived at from time to time and authorised by the Minister for Education & Skills including but not limited to:-

  • Teaching such assigned classes as deemed appropriate by Head of Department; day or evening, up to a maximum of 210 hours per annum.
  • Normal class contact hours for Lecturer (Structured) is 6 hours per week up to a maximum of 210 hours per annum.
  • Coordinating and directing the activities of the technical team, and assigning duties as required for the day-to-day operations of the Department.
  • Carrying out assessment monitoring and evaluation of examinations work and providing an academic and consultative support to students in their learning activities.
  • Responsibilities in relation to the food service outlet element of the Department programmes including tasks such as;
  • Budgeting
  • Food Ordering and Stock Management
  • Contract monitoring
  • Staffing
  • Other Duties as designated by the Head of Department
  • Engaging in research, consultancy and development work as appropriate.
  • Preparing requisitions for course materials and equipment for purchasing by theHead of Department.
  • Providing academic input on existing and new courses and course development.
  • To develop short-term, modular, or part-time courses as required.
  • To participate in marketing and development of the courses as required.
  • Being an active participant in bodies such as Department and Course Boards.
  • Participating in committees appropriate to courses and meetings convened by management.
  • Timetabling lectures, tutorials, and workshops in accordance with the course documentation and in consultation with the Head of Department.
  • Maintaining appropriate records and making available information as required by management.
  • Engaging in course and department promotion including student recruitment as appropriate.
  • Participating in development, implementation and maintenance of academic quality assurance arrangements.
  • Participating in appropriate activities necessary to the development of their department/school and the Institute.
  • Mentoring students for various skills-based competitions.

The performance of these duties will require attendance in addition to class contact hours during the normal working week.

The appointee shall carry out the lawful instructions of the President (or Authorised Officer) and comply with the requirements and regulations of the Minister for Education and Skills

Please log on to for further details and to apply for this position.

Closing date for receipt of applications is 1:00 pm on 12 August 2019.


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