Job offer in england Research Development and Innovation Project Leader (KTP Associate) at University of Hull

Campus: External Organisation Site
Faculty/Area: Faculty of Science and Engineering
Subject Group/Team: Chemistry

Fixed Term – 31 months

We offer an exciting opportunity to work on the Knowledge Transfer Partnership project ‘3D printing of functional light curable resins and low adhesion coatings.

In this project, we will develop novel visible light and UV light photocurable resins. In order to obtain functional resins with the required mechanical and thermal properties, nanoparticles and MOFs will be incorporated in the photopolymer network. In addition, the project will explore low adhesion coatings for 3D printer resin trays, as adhesion is one of the major causes of failure in 3D printing.

As a forward-looking, highly innovative company focused on changing the world using 3D printing, Photocentric offers you an exciting career where you will have the freedom to develop and manage cutting-edge research in photopolymers, additives and coatings. You will be fully involved in these projects and the decisions around them. We offer an open research environment and collaborative possibilities with external partners and expect that you will fully take advantage of this environment through your creativity, problem-solving capabilities, and drive.

The project is funded by Innovate UK and Photocentric through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) award, a UK Government scheme intended to promote sustained and mutually beneficial relationships between universities and industry.

Photocentric Ltd is a specialist chemical manufacturer of a wide variety of photopolymers that can harden in visible light curing technologies. We have a core business based on being innovative in photopolymer, for we received the Queen’s Award for Innovation. We have applied our innovations to craft and office stamps, flexographic printing and 3D printing. We commercialized the first 3D printer based on an LCD screen and manufacture the Liquid Crystal range of 3D printers:

The candidate will be employed by the University of Hull as a Knowledge Transfer Associate whilst being based at Photocentric, Peterborough. The candidate will also be fully supported by an Academic Supervisor Dr. Jia Min Chin and Company Supervisor Dr. Sarah Karmel. 

This contract will provide successful candidates with the opportunity to be involved in the creation of innovative, market-leading materials, which is expected to deliver significant economic and environmental benefits for Photocentric, and top-tier research publications for the university.

The job also offers the candidate up to £5,000 for training and development to boost the candidate’s expertise and skills for a successful career in academia or industry alike.

There is a potential opportunity for permanent employment with Photocentric after successful completion of the KTP project.

We expect to have interviews in October 2018.

We expect the successful candidate to have:

  • A Masters or PhD degree in Chemistry, Polymer Science, Material Science or a related subject;
  • Experience in an R&D environment within the polymer, adhesive, surface coatings or composite materials;
  • An innovative mind with proven creative success;
  • Experience in organic chemistry, photopolymerisation, ceramics or metals is an advantage.

To discussion the role informally please contact: Dr. Jia Min Chin ( or Dr. Sarah Karmel (

Further details:

At Hull we are committed to equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion at every level, because we believe a diverse workforce brings broader expertise, improved innovation and greater success for all. 


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