Job offer in england Research Associate in Cloud Chamber Modelling at The University of Manchester

Clouds are important components of the hydrological cycle and their interaction with atmospheric aerosol particles is the source of one of the greatest uncertainties in climate forcing. Atmospheric cloud simulation chambers are powerful tools for exploring the formation and transformation of clouds and the interactions between aerosol particles and cloud droplets. However, the physical and chemical processes involved in cloud formation are complex and require careful interpretation using state-of-the-science models.

In the Centre for Atmospheric Science (CAS) in Manchester we run one of the largest simulation chambers in Europe for studying clouds formed in both warm and cold conditions (MICC: The 1 m diameter fall tube spans 3 floors and can reach temperatures as low as -55°C. The chamber can be evacuated to simulate conditions found throughout the troposphere. Liquid water, mixed phase, or entirely glaciated clouds can be generated in the chamber, with cloud liquid water contents ranging from zero to the highest values found in nature. This chamber can be coupled to our photochemical aerosol chamber ( to explore the interaction between clouds and aerosol particles formed under controlled conditions.

Within CAS, we have also developed the state-of-the-science Aerosol-Cloud-Precipitation Interaction Model (ACPIM) that can be run in parcel or column configuration (Connolly, P. J., Emersic, C., and Field, P. R.: A laboratory investigation into the aggregation efficiency of small ice crystals, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 12, 2055-2076, doi:10.5194/acp-12-2055-2012, 2012). ACPIM can be used to simulate cloud formation in the chamber to inform the development of our understanding of cloud processes and aerosol-cloud interactions.

We are partners in the EU Horizon 2020 EUROCHAMP2020 INFRAIA research infrastructure of the most advanced atmospheric simulation chambers in Europe. The work package to coordinate modeling activities in EUROCHAMP2020 is led from Manchester.

This post is to develop the ACPIM model to enable and optimise its use within the EUROCHAMP2020 network and exploitation by partners in the network. It is therefore expected that in order to provide timely delivery of critical model products for the project you will have:

  • previous expertise and experience with chamber modelling using ACPIM
  • expertise and familiarity within the use of cloud simulation chambers for both warm and cold cloud formation
  • expertise in code development in ACPIM
  • expertise and experience in the analysis of ACPIM output and evaluation against chamber measurements of aerosol and cloud properties.
  • a detailed knowledge of atmospheric cloud processes and aerosol-cloud interactions.
  • she or he should have a track record in this area, and should hold or be about to be awarded a PhD in the discipline

You should also be familiar with UNIX, Fortran and Matlab and have good understanding of the software and hardware architectural requirements for running ACPIM.

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