Job offer in england PhD Studentship – Online Discussion; Augmenting Argumentation with Chatbots at University of Sheffield

Fully Funded PhD Scholarship in Psychology at the University of Sheffield

This is one of many projects in competition for the current funding opportunities available within the Department of Psychology

Project title: Online discussion; augmenting argumentation with chatbots

Primary supervisor: Dr Tom Stafford

Co-supervisor/s: Dr Andreas Vlachos (computer science)

Project description: Argumentation – the systematic exchange of reasoning supporting or undermining an idea – enhances communication between individuals. Unreliable chains of thought are weeded out, reliable ones survive. Striking evidence for this is that reasonings tasks which provoke systematic errors when considered by individuals choice can be solved correctly by small groups, if they are given time for discussion. Chatbots with natural language processing create an opportunity to have artificial agents interact with group deliberation, and make it more effective. In this way, the strengths of human and artificial intelligence can augment each other

Reading: Mercier, H., & Sperber, D. (2011). Why do humans reason? Arguments for an argumentative theory. Behavioral and brain sciences, 34(02), 57-74.

Start date: 1 October 2018

Requirements: Applicants must have a minimum of a first class or high upper second-class undergraduate honours degree and a distinction or high merit at Masters level in psychology or a related discipline.

Funding: Tuition fees £4,194 per year Living Expenses £14,500.00

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Closing date for applications is 5pm Wednesday 24 January 2018