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Top 10 most sought after soft skills by recruiters


A degree and experience is not enough to get the job! Do you have these 10 non-technical skills?

Do not confuse personal, human or relational skills with technical skills.

To acquire technical skills, you have to spend months or even years on school benches. The soft skillsthey are more the result of parental education, values, temperament, an innate sense ... or the desire to develop them.

The soft skills can help you get a job just as well as your degree, because it's thanks to them that you can integrate and flourish within a company and its team. According to a survey of more than 2,000 human resources professionals, it seems that a large majority of companies (77%) now give them the same importance they attach to skills. There are even 16% of recruiters looking for a candidate who think that soft skills are even more important!

Here are the top 10 soft skills most sought after by companies looking for candidates.

10. Self-confidence (46%)

9. Flexibility, adaptability (51%)

8. Communication skills (56%)

7. Ability to work under pressure (57%)

6. Sense of organization and priorities (57%)

5. Likes teamwork (60%)

4. Motivation (66%)

3. Positive attitude (72%)

2. Loyalty and reliability (73%)

1. Respect for work ethic (73%)

During your next job interview, think about putting forward your best personal, human and relationship qualities. This is how the recruiter can check your ability to adapt, your reaction in a crisis and all the other reasons he can trust you.

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