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Techno review of the week!


NHL 20, robotic Robotic Rubik cube, Felix & Paul Emmy nominee, first 30-year campaign for Lego, and more!

NHL 20 is out!

It looks like EA Sports has finally listened to the players - video games, no hockey! According to La Presse, the new version of NHL includes goalkeepers on the returns, defenders who do not give up, coaches who can really change the game, and the signature shots of many great star players.

Source: YouTube / EA SPORTS NHL.

Adobe Premiere Pro adds the AI ​​for social networks

Abobe Premiere Pro video editing software will soon include the option Auto Reframe, which will automatically adapt videos to square, vertical and 16: 9 formats thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), announced The Verge. Convenient to publish videos on its social networks!

Source: YouTube / Adobe Creative Cloud.

A video game of puzzle to get organized

The brilliant game Wilmot's Warehouse is a puzzle that allows you to train your memory and your organizational skills. It reminds a little Tetris, but in a warehouse where the demands for products are linked: from 20 to 30 different products at first, but up to 200 at the end of the game!

Source: YouTube / Finji.

The new series Undone : the future of adult entertainment?

The creators of the series Undone of Amazon Video, published last Friday, used rotoscopy to animate it: a first for television. The technique makes it possible to trace the images over the very real shots of real actors, a little like in the movie A Darkly Scanner (2006).

Source: YouTube / Amazon Prime Video.

A digital encyclopedia of Quebec fashion

The McCord Museum is launching EncycloModeQC, an interactive website listing the history of fashion designers, brands, manufacturers, retailers and events in Quebec. "Each entry documents a person, organization, brand, or event over time, as well as the characteristic aspects of their practice, production, or activities," the authors note.

Source: YouTube / McCord Museum Museum.

Montreal studio Felix & Paul nominated for Emmy

The documentary Traveling While Black from Felix & Paul's virtual reality studio won a nomination for the Primetime Emmy Awards, which honor US television series. Virtual reality allows the viewer to be "seated next to characters who tell their story," co-founder Paul Raphaël told La Presse. The Emmy Awards gala will be held on Sunday, and we cross our fingers!

Source: YouTube / Felix & Paul Studios.

In China, you can pay with a smile!

In fact, a smile is not mandatory, reports Radio-Canada. It is rather a new facial recognition technology of the Chinese giant Alipay, called "Smile to pay", which can settle a bill by simply placing in front of a camera.

Source: YouTube / Alibaba Group.

A robotic Rubik cube and VOLANT

This Rubik-robot cube floats in the air as it resolves itself, reveals CNET. The intelligent creation of the Japanese YouTube channel Human Controller is equipped with a motorized heart and can levitate thanks to powerful magnets.

Source: YouTube / Human Controller.

The AI ​​able to play hide and seek ... and cheat!

The OpenAI Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AI) has played several million hiding games for two teams of robots. Both parties learned to use tools and to break the rules to win. As TechCrunch points out, if the AI ​​can learn by itself to evolve in a 3D environment with specific physical rules, perhaps it can transfer these skills to the real world!

Source: TechCrunch.

Snapchat will have a 3D camera mode

The war between Snapchat and Instagram is not going away! To stay in the competition, Snapchat announced Tuesday a new mode to add depth to its selfies and videos. The feature will come with a bank of effects, filters and 3D lenses, says TechCrunch.

Source: YouTube / Snapchat.

All the beauty of origami in a video game in virtual reality

The eminent video game creator Eric Chahi (Another World, Heart of Darkness...) hits hard with a game based on the Japanese art of origami and the big data, reports The Verge. The immersive game Paper Beast, exclusive to PlayStation VR, transforms data into a unique artificial ecosystem made of paper ... and code. Beautiful and strangely alive.

Source: YouTube / Pixel Reef.

First advertising campaign in 30 years for Lego

One could say that Lego movies are themselves long advertisements for the brand, and we would be right. But on the side of traditional advertising, nothing from Lego in 30 years, recalls Fast Company. Until Tuesday, when the colorful block company launched its campaign to rebuild the world.

Source: YouTube / Rebecca Stewart.

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