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Techno review of the week!


Pixel 4 news and the 2020 Olympics, Microsoft goes crazy in a musical, and of course, all the new stock of Apple!

The big week of Apple!

It was Apple's annual high mass on Wednesday, and the tech giant rained the news! A lot of :

• The service of streaming Apple TV Plus will be free for one year with the purchase of an Apple device;

• The 7th generation iPad will be bigger but will keep even price;

• The iPhone 11 will have a dual-lens camera system and a feature for slow motion video playback: slofies;

• The iPhone Pro will have no less than three cameras;

• The Apple Watch will have a feature to keep the screen always active;

• The Apple Arcade will offer one hundred exclusive games per subscription, which you can play as much as you want.

Try to find the secret message from Apple that CBC has found in the video summarizing all ads (hint: 1:21)!

Source: YouTube / Apple.

Tokyo 2020: Track the speed of live athletes

In addition to sporting prowess, the next Olympic Games will present interesting technological advances for television. Incel announced that colored bands will show the speed of the athletes live during the events.

Source: The Verge.

One (kind of) hoop for Nintendo

But what is? It's not a controller, but it controls the game? It's called the Ring Fit, and Nintendo launches it at the same time as its Ring Fit Adventure game, for which the connected hoop was designed.

Source: YouTube / Nintendo

Leak of the promo video of the new Google Pixel 4

We agree, the escape was surely planned. Whatever! The official video of the announcement is exciting: we are talking about an astrophotography mode, a sports video mode, and several features controlled by the voice. Google is expected to officially announce the new smartphone in October.

Source: YouTube / Upcoming Phone.

Microsoft: the musical

Nearly 150 Microsoft employees and interns spoiled each other with this crazy music video. According to The Verge, they spent several mornings, nights and weekends, resulting in this charming self-derisory creation of nearly 10 minutes.

Source: YouTube / You Can, You Should, You Will.

Facial recognition for monkeys

Artificial intelligence (AI) still helps science! Researchers at Oxford University have put at least one facial recognition system to identify each wild chimpanzee in their natural habitat. Scientists will thus be able to spend less time analyzing each video themselves and be able to devote more time to research.

Source: YouTube / University of Oxford.

Finally, a trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake

Square Enix revealed Wednesday at the Tokyo Game Show a first trailer of its future video game Final Fantasy VII Remake, which revisits the classic of 1997. The fans of the time will be familiar with certain scenes! The game is expected to be released on March 3, 2020.

Source: YouTube / FINAL FANTASY

The Polaroid Lab to take a photo

Polaroid has a new gadget that photographs the photo of your choice on your smartphone and then prints it with excellent image quality. The Polaroid Lab will be on sale October 10th.

Source: YouTube / Polaroid Originals.

Translate text into movements with AI

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have managed to generate animations based on simple written instructions. The computer model translates literally the text by physical movements! Can one day create movies directly from the screenplay?

Source: YouTube / Carnegie Mellon University.

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