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Techno review in videos!


Big week in technology! A Belgian student creates a DeepFake for the voice, a new multidimensional sound for THX, Ewan McGreggor in a series on Obi-Wan, and more ... As Matrix 4!

THX changes his sound

We know it well, the deep and prolonged note of THX at the beginning of the cinema sessions, with the signature crescendo. Get used to the new multi-dimensional sound of THX, which can now be heard with headphones ... and soon in theaters! Take a look at the brand new intro, and do not forget your headphones before playing the video!

Source: YouTube / THX Ltd.

A DeepFake vocal

New AI technology makes it possible to clone a voice in real time, with only five seconds of sound from the original voice. We can then say anything to the voice ... at least, in English! This is the project of Corentin Jemine, a master's student in engineering, computer science and technology from the University of Liège, Belgium.

Source: YouTube / Corentin Jemine.

A place virtually recreated in 3D in minutes

The UK startup 6D.AI, co-founded by Oxford University, hit hard this week. The New World Notes blog highlighted his incredible ability to reproduce, live, a physical place to scale by filming it using smart phones. The members of the 6D.AI team demonstrated this by filming their desk all together and generating a 3D reproduction in less than 10 minutes.

If millions of people used this technology around them and on their travels, we would have a 3D map of the Earth's surface in just a few years!

Source: YouTube / 6D_ai.

Ewan McGregor in Obi-Wan for Disney +

Two big announcements of Disney + this week! Disney's online listening service will be launched simultaneously in the United States and Canada on November 12, and will support all platforms: iOS, Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation, etc. The subscription will cost $ 8.99 a month, or $ 89.99 a year in Canada, TechCrunch reveals.

We also learned this week that Ewan McGregor will resume his role of Obi-Wan in a Disney + series based on the character of Star Wars. Disney has not confirmed yet, but the news has still been announced by Deadline, Variety, and The Hollywood Reporter. We have hope, or In New Hope!

Source: YouTube / What's On Disney Plus.

Tom Cruise in DeepFake

Another video DeepFake pay the headlines this week! Comedian Bill Hader has been transformed by Ctrl Shift Face with artificial intelligence (AI) technology to change a person's face to someone else's face as they speak. Bill Hader has taken turns Tom Cruise and Seth Rogan, which he imitated in an interview with David Letterman in 2008.

Source: YouTube / Ctrl Shift Face.

A first security key with Lightning plug

Yubico launched Tuesday its YubiKey, a security key combining two plugs: a USB-C, and a Lightning, compatible with Apple products such as the iPad and iPhone. The YubiKey allows you to authenticate securely to all your devices and online accounts (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter ...). Much safer than the ID code sent via SMS!

Source: YouTube / Yubico.

AI finger tracking to translate sign language

Google's AI research team has developed a finger tracking system that can capture and interpret hand signs in real time using only the camera of a smartphone, Radio-Canada reveals.

The AI ​​continuously tracks 21 reference points on the hand and fingers. This is not the first finger tracking system, but it's the first to only need a smartphone ... and to be as effective!

Source: Google AI Blog.

A Matrix 4!

We are all excited! Variety announced Tuesday that in the famous trilogy La Matrice will be added a new film ... and with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss (Neo and Trinity)! The director of the first films Lana Wachowski also returns to the bar of the 4th, which she will write, produce and realize. We are already planning the release: summer 2021.

Source: YouTube / Variety.

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