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Retro + techno: our coolest finds


These artists and designers had fun combining retro design with modern technology, and we're wearing it!

Retro design is still popular, especially when combined with the latest technology. All these artists and industrial designers have explored the trend with style, audacity and sometimes irony.

Love Hultén

Love Hultén from Sweden uses traditional methods to create modern technological devices in a single copy. The works (which really work!) Are produced, assembled and refined by Love Hultén himself.


The Swedes definitely know about design! (Are we astonished, with IKEA?) Modesty's small-scale front office in Stockholm has an avid retro-style team, as shown by these few posters of their own, combining classic technology and modern technology.

Rocket & Wink

The two German stooges from Hamburg, Rocket Man and Nature Boy, tripent design, illustration and product development. Two madmen with equally crazy projects, like their turntables-walkman.

Julien Rivoire

The French artist and graphic designer Julien Rivoire likes to imagine the technology of today in the 1980s and 1990s style devices ... and sometimes even the opposite!


The Californian industrial design studio SchultzeWORKS specializes in electronics, appliances, furniture and lighting. Founder Dave Schultze has developed products for Microsoft, LG, Umbra, Target, and Hasbro while winning numerous design awards. Seeing his work, we understand why.

Future Punk

The designer Future Punk draws inspiration from the 1980s in his work, a period he defines as "the most glorious decade in the history of mankind". He likes to revisit the technologies of the time to mix with those of today. What would have happened, for example, if Apple had launched the iPhone in 1984?

Source: YouTube / Future Punk.

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