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Are you an artist? Think of the animation!


To stay in motion professionally, illustrators should absolutely know how to animate their art.

It's well-known: IT professionals need to continually learn new technologies to stay afloat. For artists, it's the same.

There will always be new techniques to master to keep a flourishing career as the new generation of illustrators leave school with cutting-edge skills.

So what should we learn again as we approach 2020? For the founder of Anna Goodson Illustration Agency, there is no doubt: animation. Anna Goodson explain why in a post on Creative Boom.

A little, it's better than nothing at all

We do not ask you to target Pixar, far from it. But there is a whole range of possibilities between having no animation skills and being a pro motion design. Mastering even a little animation can really pay off in today's market.

For example, knowing how to evolve your illustrations to GIF is a useful skill and is currently in great demand. From there, the more strings of animation you add to your bow, the more you will be in demand. Believe Anna Goodson, who has been illustrating for more than 20 years:

"At the moment, the message I get from customers is very clear: if illustrators want to get a head start and stay in the competition, they have to learn how to animate their work, because it's something that customers are looking for. more and more. "

The importance of the image in motion

This customer taste for animation should not surprise anyone. The democratization of the smart phone worldwide, as well as the increasing speed of bandwidth, are changing the face of visual marketing entirely.

For brands, one of the best ways to generate interest is through animation, whether for apps, sites, online ads, digital posters or video ads. No wonder GIFs and animated short films are on the agenda.

Even when the main illustration is fixed (an editorial illustration for a paper magazine, for example), there is still a need for a similar image that will be in motion (for the electronic tablet version of the article, who knows).

Many Quebec illustrators went to GIF, and Anna Goodson cites Montrealers Agathe Bray-Bourret, who practices watercolor and who animates her own works.

An animation of Agathe Bray-Bourret.

Source: Anna Goodson Illustration Agency.

Start to get started

Many short programs are available in CEGEP animation, and some can be completed remotely or on a part-time basis.

There are also several tutorials on YouTube and online courses. Of these, Anna Goodson particularly offers Created Academy, whose practical training is directly based on the needs of the industry.

Get started! There has never been a better time for artists to get busy.

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