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A year of satire for Le Revoir!


The humorous page born during the Quebec election campaign is just as irreverently starting the federal campaign ... and it does not make everyone laugh.

The satirical newspaper Le Revoir posted its first jokes on Facebook at the beginning of the 2018 provincial election campaign, which saw the election François Legault and his CAQ.

The very first satirical publication of Revoir, it was this one:

Since then, the six anonymous coworkers have been letting go of themselves. (Who are we?) We can only say that they are two girls and four guys, based in Montreal and Quebec.) One of them, at his request we will name St-Jérôme, we talked about their editorial line during campaign time.

"The strategy is always the same: we laugh from all parties! "Launches St-Jerome.

The site still has its favorite targets, whether political or not: Richard Martineau, The Pack and Mathieu Bock-Côté, to name only those.

The Quebec right is what prompted the Revoir's collaborators to bond, especially the creation of the Québec FIER page. Revoir employees met on Facebook; all of them "trollait" each side pages and personalities with very conservative ideas.

Example of Quebec FIER publication on their Facebook page.

Now, "everything is a collective work," says St-Jérôme. "We peel the news and we all come with different angles. We check the mistakes of French. We try to see if we laugh at a victim or a minority: we try to be politically correct! "

The kiss that ignited everything

The Review works well. The Facebook page has a reach of nearly two million people and more than 50,000 subscribers. The machine started quickly from the start: François Legault gave a nice present during his victory in the last election.

«François Legault who frenche his sister, it worked well, recalls St-Jerome. It was taken out at about the same time as the famous kiss. For us, it was a big reach. We understand: the publication was shared 573 times!

Satire does not make everyone laugh

"Obviously, there are parties that find it much more difficult than one laughs at them, slip St-Jerome. The Bloc Québécois and the Parti Québécois, when we talk about them, they become criss. The angry PQ, we see a lot! "

Some other political parties take satire with a grain of salt. The co-spokesperson of Québec Solidaire Manon Massé it was also the expense of the Revoir (like all the other parties).

His answer in comment:

"It stops there! Laughs St Jerome.

You feel it coming: all do not have the same sense of humor as Manon Massé.

The harshest critics of Revoir, "it comes mostly from the" anti-registers "of firearms," ​​says the collaborator. "They, they regularly threaten us with death, to reveal our identity, they send us insults, links to viruses ... It's enough agricole! "

Still, St Jerome is pretty take it easy compared to threats. "On the Internet, it's one thing, in real life it's something else! Me, I have my day long Revoir cap, and it never happened to me. "

Fake news? On the contrary…

The term fake news has been used all the time (and far too much) since Donald Trump popularized it. But in the case of Revoir, is it applicable? Are not these just fake news?

According to St-Jerome, it would be rather the opposite: Revoir attacks misinformation.

"It's a little bit our goal to fight fake news with the Revoir. We want to make people think critically about what they see on the Internet. People tell us "it took us five seconds to realize it was not true". Stay alert: it's easy to make fake news with few means. "

"We say from the outset that we are a satirical page, and those who share it know it," continues St-Jerome. "There are always one or two spreads that take it as is, but it happens less and less often. "

Compared to the Journal de Mourréal ...

The Revoir model is of course reminiscent of the Journal de Mourréal, now Journal de Marrrrde, which had to change its name following a continuation of the real Journal de Montréal.

Example of publication of the Journal de Marrrde on their Facebook page.

Le Revoir, him, looks pretty much like the newspaper Le Devoir! But according to St-Jérôme, the situation of the page is totally different from that of the Journal de Mourréal.

"They got caught using the Journal de Montréal's brand image to make money, no matter how little. We do absolutely no money with that, and no ads. "

"We have a more sought after humor too," St-Jérôme laughs.

Moreover, no prosecution is planned on the side of the real newspaper Le Devoir. At the very beginning of the existence of the page, Le Devoir emphasized the resemblance between his visual signature and that of Revoir. Revoir has changed his and has not heard of it again. "

But we, pretty sure we will "hear again" talk about the Review ... especially before the federal election.

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