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5 tips to announce his resignation with class


That's it, you've landed that job you wanted so much! Now you have to resign and leave your current colleagues. How to do it with elegance?

You know it is important to leave on a positive note. You must resign as a winner, with tact and respect. You do not want to cut corners with your employer, because, remember, good references are always very useful, and who knows if you will not re-cross in your career!

Here are 5 tips for resigning properly, according to The Undercover Recruiter.

1- Stay professional

First, give reasonable notice. The law on labor standards does not oblige the employee to give notice of resignation to his employer. However, it is in your interest to give one, and a 2 week notice is considered reasonable. Be clear about your resignation. Thank people before leaving, prepare an official letter and talk to your boss privately. Make sure he is the first in the company to be aware of your departure.

If you are asked to start before the end of your notice, you can negotiate some flexibility with your boss, but know that he has the right to ask you to honor your contract. Do not quit lightly, take the time to read your new contract and ask for advice around you.

2- Be understanding

Everyone changes jobs from time to time, this is a normal process in most careers. That said, that does not mean that everyone should instantly rejoice for you, especially if your departure has a direct impact on those who stay there. Once the news has fallen, do not forget to keep smiling and do not expect everyone to react the same way. Everyone has the right to react in their own way. Respect that and stay proud of your decision.

3- Prepare your departure

Do not give up on your colleagues and your boss without completing the current files. Start cleaning everything right now: your files, your history, your files on the computer ... Announce your resignation to the people with whom you are used to working, do not let them discover this by a return of "email" not delivered ". Give them a new contact to contact in the company and facilitate the transition.

4- Be the change you want to see

Positive spirit Positive. Positive. It must become your mantra. This is also the best way to avoid any problems during the notice. Avoid gossip! Be strong!

5- Do not let disorder

Yes, it's common sense ... but not for everyone! Clean your desk, your computer keyboard, bring your notebooks home or throw them away! The person who succeeds you must find a desk and a work area absolutely impeccable.

Do all this and you will see, you will leave the mind and heart light!

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