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5 sentences to never say at work!

5 sentences to never say at work!

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5 sentences to never say at work!


Do you want to ruin your career by saying something, say, stupid?

Of course not, writes author Paul Petrone, on Linkedin. He quotes five phrases from business coach Todd Dewett that you absolutely must avoid if you do not want to compromise your ties with your colleagues ...

Here they are:

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1. "It's not my job"

You use it: when someone asks you for help with a task that is not part of your job description, and you really do not want to do it. You regret it immediately.

What people hear: "I only think of myself. "

A better optionIf you do not have time to help someone at the time, just tell them that you can not do it or that you can do it later. But do not say it's not your job. In fact, your job is to help your organization make progress ...

2. "We've tried it before"

You use it: when someone - who usually works in the business for less time than you - suggests an idea. Instead of listening to it, and then responding by giving a historical context, you shut up the cackle with that phrase.

What people hear: "I do not want to make an effort" or "I know everything and you do not know anything", neither of the two sentences being particularly appropriate.

A better optionListen to your colleague Perhaps what has been proposed has already been tried, but perhaps also that it was not done well. Yes, learn from past experiences, but do not let them paralyze you.

3. "There is no money for that"

You use it: when a person has an idea that really fascinates him. As in the previous example, rather than listening and weighing the pros and cons, you cut short by saying that there is no money for such ideas.

What people hear"Keep your profile low and do only what you are asked. "

A better option: good ideas need to be funded, or maybe there is a way to do it with a minimal budget. Killing every new idea with "there is no budget for it" is a sure way to stifle the creativity of your team.

4. "I told you so"

You use it: when a colleague had an idea, that you said it was bad, but that it was still tried. And that she failed. As if that were not enough, you press the bobo.

What people hear: "I was sincerely hoping that you were planting yourself. "

A better option: "I told you so" never helped anyone. The error or failure has undoubtedly been well recorded. A better option is simple: silence.

5. "It does not follow the procedures"

You use it: when someone has an idea that does not fit the usual way of doing things in your business.

What people hear"There is only one way to do things here. "

A better option: most rules are not absolute and if a procedure slows down growth, change it. Adhering blindly to the way things have always been done hampers innovation.

The final word

The success of your career depends on your interaction with others, writes Paul Petrone. "Even if you do your job well, if your attitude is unintentionally bad or you belittle others, your career will suffer. Avoid these five sentences and let your colleagues remember you for your excellent work. "

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