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14 tips to become the darling of the office


We have THE perfect recipe to be this darling, this colleague with whom everyone wants to work!

The Espresso-Jobs team surveyed and looked at various sites * to find the necessary ingredients to be appreciated, even loved, at work!

Here are the 14 best tips to become everyone's darling at work!

1. Savoir-vivre, etiquette, etiquette

Have you noticed that you are more open to someone who takes the time to listen to you without interrupting you and who takes the time to say please and thank you? Respect and politeness are the foundation on which a good relationship can be built.

This is only the beginning of savoir vivre! In business, we work more and more in an open space, so it's important to be respectful: keep order on your desk, do your dishes, do not talk too loud and personal topics on the phone, do not not change the temperature without asking everyone if it suits them ...

Always ask yourself, "Does my behavior bother my co-workers? "

2. Know how to communicate

In your industries, all the work is done in collaboration. It is more than important that you share important information and documents. Otherwise, the effectiveness of your team will be greatly diminished ...

Also promote in-person communication. Whether it's compliments, constructive criticism, tune-ups, it's best to put aside the company's phone and intranet and focus on physical contact. Things become clearer when we talk face to face.

3. Play the solidarity card

It is always appreciated to know that you can count on a member of your team, whatever the motive. Even if a task goes beyond your expertise, simply supporting a colleague in his process or listening to him or her will make a difference.

Offer your support and advice to your colleagues! Do not hesitate to ask them how you can help them. They will return the favor one day. Despite the stress and pressure of work, it is by sticking together that we are capable of anything. Together, we are always stronger!

Also, very important, do not meditate, it will not advance you to anything but losing the confidence of your colleagues.

4. Do not get angry

Professionalism remains the watchword for optimizing internal relationships. Taking the first degree remarks, objections or refusals may well affect your image. Also, know how to manage your emotions.

Take the necessary step back to analyze the situation under an objective eye and in serenity. You are at work, in a professional setting: bad place to make mood swings. In any case, if you want to be considered a colleague with whom it is good to work!

5. Know how to listen to your colleagues ...

It is good to bring your opinion, your ideas, your anecdotes, but it is especially good to know how to listen to those of others. They feel your consideration.

First and foremost, never cut your colleagues off. Try to focus only on what your interlocutor is telling you. Then, rephrase these words to make sure you understand correctly.

A colleague throws an idea? Say, "Yes, and ..." instead of "Yes, but ...". Nobody will love you if you are constantly boring to the ideas of others. One idea brings another, never forget it.

Avoid always bringing everything back to you, to your problems, to your reality. A one-way relationship is not interesting! Exchange and discuss together!

An attentive ear is precious, especially in a professional context. To calm the anxieties, to quell the doubts, but also to feel that we are part of the team and that we count in the eyes of our colleagues. These will appreciate your attention to them. Listening is synonymous with trust and respect.

6. But also, dare to say ...

Hypocrisy is a sneaky defect. Sooner or later, your lack of honesty will cause you trouble. If you want to maintain relationships with your colleagues based on mutual respect, the franchise is required.

Authenticity and sincerity will always be appreciated qualities of all. A situation makes you uncomfortable? Express your discomfort before the situation gets worse. Do not hesitate to say when things are going well.

If you wish to express yourself about a situation that you do not like, pay attention to speaking using the "I" rather than the "you". In this way, the person concerned will not feel attacked.

7. ... and know when to shut up!

Giving your opinion and making suggestions can be very helpful in a project, but talking without thinking can do more harm than good. Everyone does not like frankness, so think about the consequences of your words before opening your mouth.

8. Know how to manage your time

The others will not be able to appreciate you as a colleague if you put them late in their work because you do not give them the files in time.

A new task is landing on your desktop? To better manage your priorities, channel your energy to the right place and allow the team to move forward, ask yourself these two questions: "When will I process this file and how long will it take me? "

9. Ask questions

When you start a new job, there are not so many questions, so instead of panicking by yourself in your corner, get out of your office and ask colleagues to help you. People like to be seen as experts.

Take the opportunity to ask questions that are out of the box: do they have a family, what is their favorite hobby, or what do they think is the best restaurant for brunch ...? Which leads us to the next point ...

10. Find a common ground

You should take the time to have a little informal conversation with your new colleague to find out what he likes to do outside of office hours. You never know, maybe you are both passionate salsa fans or fans of the same TV series! By opening the dialogue, it will be much easier later to start a conversation.

11. Bring a little treat to share

If you really want to be sure of being appreciated by colleagues, bring a little something to eat that you can share. People love free food! And while they are stuffing strawberries with your delicious homemade cookies, take the opportunity to chat with them and get to know them better.

12. Make compliments

Unfortunately, today's world is more inclined to criticize than to compliment. Yet who does not like to be told that he is handsome, good and kind?

To make friends among your colleagues, do not hesitate to congratulate them for their good things, to tell them that you like their sweater, their jewels, their glasses ... Say a little something nice about family photos on display on their desk!

These positive remarks will demonstrate that you are a friendly, approachable and kind person. In short, the kind of person everyone wants to have as a friend.

13. Have a sense of humor

Sometimes there is nothing better for relaxing the atmosphere and managing a delicate situation than simply laughing. Self-deprecation is a very appreciated personal quality within a team of work: it shows that you know how to recognize your wrongs, in addition to having the effect to play down a problematic situation. Without taking everything lightly, of course, you have to know how to laugh from time to time! Your colleagues will appreciate your openness and will be happy to spend time with you.

14. Get out of the business

Informal meetings help to get to know your colleagues better and to connect more closely. Why not share a coffee or lunch with your colleague? Thus, you will disconnect from your office tasks and take advantage of it to better appreciate you.

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